Wooden Flooring

Wooden Flooring

Also known as engineered wood flooring, they combine plywood (bottom layer) with oak veneer (top layer), connected by tongue and groove.

The layered construction ensures:

  • High durability over many years of use
  • Compatibility with underfloor heating
  • Greater resistance and dimensional stability compared to solid floors
  • Attractive pricing

Our standard floor dimensions are 1000 – 1200 x 140 x 14 mm, and each panel has a 4-sided bevel. We can also produce floors with different specifications.

FORESTIQ wooden floors come in 4 grades:

Prime grade is the highest quality, characterized by a perfect appearance. Panels in this class have no knots, discolorations, or shine. They are also free from cracks.

Nature grade features a natural and healthy appearance. Healthy knots with a diameter up to 1 cm may appear on these panels. Minor discolorations and shine are allowed. Similar to the Prime grade, there are no cracks.

Rustic grade is for those who prefer a more distinctive and natural floor appearance. Knots with a diameter up to 4 cm are acceptable in this class. Discolorations and shine are also allowed. Unlike the previous classes, cracks are permissible, adding a rustic character to the floor.

Character grade is the most characteristic and expressive. Knots may exceed 4 cm, providing even greater naturalness and individuality to the floor. Similar to the Rustic grade, discolorations, shine, and more pronounced cracks are acceptable.

A wide range of colors and surface finishes, combined with our 4 floor grades, offers hundreds of possible configurations.

We also produce unfinished floors (unpainted, sanded).

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