Table legs

Table legs

Made entirely of wood which is veneered. Available in various sizes and versions.

Our legs are produced with veneer from any type available in our offer. The most popular choice is oak veneer, and it is precisely such legs that we have available for continuous sale. Below, we present selected types of legs available in our offer.

In addition to the types of legs shown in the pictures, we also manufacture the following types of legs:

Rectangular Legs (e.g., 10x8cm)

Cuttable Legs (the interior of the leg contains wood without knots or other defects)

“X” Legs (the legs are prepared with extra material and not cut at an angle)

The standard length of the legs is 73cm, but it is also possible to order legs of a custom length (e.g., shorter legs for tables and benches). The legs we sell are in a raw state – unsanded and unpainted. We have the most popular types and sizes in stock, but we recommend contacting us prior to your visit to check the availability of the specific items you are interested in.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.