Made from cross-laminated layers of veneer, plywood is known for its high strength. Widely used in various industries.

This product is created by cross-laminating sheets of veneer. Adhesive is applied between the sheets, and then the entire assembly is pressed under high pressure and temperature. The final step involves cutting the plywood into the desired dimensions.

Our plywood is produced using the alder veneer we manufacture.

We produce plywood based on customer orders. Our differentiating factor is the production according to specific dimensions chosen by the customer. This allows our customers to reduce costs by eliminating waste, which occurs when using standard sizes available in the market. Additionally, as a direct manufacturer, we are able to provide a lower price.

The grade of plywood is determined during the order placement. For example, it is possible to use lower-grade veneer in the inner layers while using top-grade veneer for the outer layers. All these details, including the thickness, can be chosen by the customer.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.